Public Relation campaigns from Planning to Execution

Course Objective:

After completion this course participants will:
• complete knowledge and information about planning and execution of public relations campaigns
• the required skill and confidence to independently plan and drive campaigns for their organisation or clients
• the experience and awareness to pre-empt challenges and risks and address them before the launch of the campaigns
• the capability to contribute to effective branding and reputation management of their organisation or for their clients
• the awareness and confidence to effectively handle all external factors that influence the outcome of a campaign
• the knowledge and skill to work with advanced concepts and techniques to regularly check and objectively measure the effectiveness of PR campaigns
• the complete skill set to play an important part in boosting the growth and influencing the success of their organisation or client organisations by creating, planning and executing effective, attractive and innovative PR campaigns

Program Outline :

Module 1 – Characteristics of Public Relations Campaigns
• Identifying an objective
• Finding a message to achieve the objective
• Communicating the message to a relevant audience
Module 2 – Phases of Public Relations Campaigns
• Positioning
• Objectives
• Strategy
• Tactics
• Administration
• Results
Module 3 – Essential Components of Public Relations Campaigns
• Key message
• Target audience
• Media programs
• Media releases
• Contributed articles and editorials
• Customer case studies
• Sponsorships
• Advertising
Module 4 – External Factors Influencing Public Relations Campaigns
• Environmental
• Political
• Information
• Social
• Technological
• Legal
• Economic
Module 5 – Steps to Plan and Execute Effective Public Relations Campaigns
• List and prioritise the message
• Gauge audience perception and awareness
• Draw objectives and prioritise communication
• Select media and message
• Implement the plan
• Assess the impact
• Redesign the message (if needed)
Module 6 – Importance of Public Relations Campaigns
• Increased visibility
• Reminder of expertise
• Increased credibility
• Reduced marketing and advertising costs
Module 7 – Effect of Public Relations Campaigns on Aspects of Management
• Relationship management
• Issues management
• Crisis management
• Reputation management
Module 8 – Challenges in Public Relations Campaigns
• Recruiting professionals, qualified staff
• Defining clear and simple objectives
• Relaying the correct message to the appropriate audience (no control of audience interpretation)
• Overcoming influence of external factors
• Measuring outcome and return on investment

Target Audience :

• Senior management of an organisation who should be aware of all important aspects related to planning and execution of successful PR campaigns
• Members of public relations agencies responsible for launching campaigns for their client organisations
• Public relations practitioners or officers of an organisation responsible for its branding and reputation management
• Marketing professionals responsible for press releases and other announcements related to various campaigns
• Human resource professionals who play a role in branding and reputation management for an organisation and who could contribute to public relations campaigns
• Investors who need to be able to judge the prospect or success of a business based on the plans and strategies for its public relations campaigns
• Any other professional who would like to know how to successfully plan and execute PR campaigns