Employee Relationship Specialist

Course Objective:

By the end of this training seminar, delegates will:
• Know how to introduce and manage an effective employee relationship programme
• Be able to relate the role of ER to the role of the Managers / Supervisor and Team Leader
• Be able to deal with performance problems and modify the behaviour of employees
• Be able to influence the behaviour of managers and team leaders
• Be able to operate disciplinary procedures and grievance procedure
• Know how to manage absence
• Understand the role of an Employee Assistance programme

Program Outline :

The Core Role of Employee Relations
• The Context
• Change Management
• Understanding the Rationale of ER
• The Core Role of ER: Organisational Culture; Employee Engagement; Conflict Resolution; Workplace Investigations; Employee Discipline
• The Distinction between the Role of ER and the Role of the Manager
• The Impact on Policies and Procedures
• The Psychological Contract
The ER Function in Practice
• Communications
• Team Briefing
• Consultation
• Discipline - Gross Misconduct
• Discipline - Poor Performance
• Appeals
• Handling Sickness Absence
Supporting the Manager, Supervisor or Team Leader
• Grievances
• Conducting the Grievance Interview
• Management’s Right to Manage
• Equal Opportunities
• Discrimination
• Equality and Diversity
• Harassment and Bullying
• Motivation
Managing Employee Performance and Engagement
• The Performance Management Process
• Motivation and Goal Theory
• Giving Feedback and Coaching
• Informal Participative Decision-making Programmes
• Job Enrichment
• Self Managed Work Teams
• Quality Circles and Kaizen
• Formal and Informal Consultation Programmes
• Employee Assistance Programmes
Conflict Resolution - Documentation and Software
• Getting the Best from People
• Techniques for Resolving Conflict
• Conflict Management Programmes
• The Ground Rules
• Workplace Investigations
• The Importance of Good Records – consider cloud-based software
• Personal Development Planning

Target Audience :

• Employee Relations Specialists
• HR and Personnel Professionals
• Line Managers
• Supervisors and Team Leaders