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Global Experts Institute is a specialized Training and Consulting organization in Kuwait. Services offered by our professionals in the areas of: Planning, Finance, Administrative, and Developmental Studies, in accordance with the international norms and procedures.
Global Experts Institute has the resources to collaborate with world leading establishments in these areas of expertise. Its importance stems from the non-stop fast developments in the form and economic conceptions of the new world, as well as the soaring risk rates due to the market outcome.
Our organization is not limited to providing Training and Consulting, we also provide (Free of Charge) follow-up and feedback services, thus ensuring effective participation.

administrative and professional expertise:

Global Experts Institute is operated by professionals with a wide variety of educational and practical experience in various fields such as; Auditing, Finance, Administrative, Engineering and Technical Consulting.

Mission, Vision & Values

Globalization and communication has changed the business environment all over the world. To keep having a market advantage & to establish a firm ground strategic position that would keep Global Experts up front in the training industry we must look into the future and identify the market segments that have not been served. With a service dominant logic approach, we are willing to keep adding value to the service we are offering through co-creating & co-producing with our partners and clients.
Our journey starts with our mission: it clears our stand as why are we operating: and is the flash light of our actions and decision making in the company.

  • To help adding value to the educational and training industry.
  • To inspire individuals towards development.
  • To create value and make a difference in government & private sectors.
  • Our vision is what we need to accomplish to sustain quality growth:
    • Our Employees: For them to remain loyal highly motivated in a supportive professional organizational culture.
    • Instructors: Nurture a winning network of instructors that do add value to the training industry together we create mutual, enduring value.
    • Clients: For clients to be our partners by co-creating and co-producing the service they receive.
    • Profit: Steady profit that would serve our future expansion strategic plans.

    • Achieving 20% customer retention.
    • Increase numbers of private sector in house trainings by 50%.
    • Increasing customer active customer loyalty list by 5%.
    • Increase profit margin by 15%.