Our Services


Our priority is to be in continuous communication in order to serve you in a manner that allows you to be the co-creator & co-producer of the service you receive. Based on that, after registration you shall receive daily news letters about our new programs plus welcoming any inquiries and messages for adding value to your service.

Global Experts looks into serving its clients through Co-Creation & Co-Production method. In other words, Global Experts allows its clients to add value to the service they receive through interactive communication in identifying the process methods of the service they are receiving.

Our Services include
  • In house Corporate Training programs.
  • Public Corporate Training programs.
  • Consultancy Service.
  • In house Corporate Training programs.

    Through the last couple of years, training & development has had a great shift from simple training, to a process of learning and development that passes through different phases while partnering with training service providers.

    Highly professional organizations partner with training service providers not to just “provide training”. Proving training is the smallest and simplest phase of such process. The first phase is the training manager or Hr Manager creating value of the service he is receiving through allowing training service providers into helping identifying the training needs requested. More than 80% of trainings requested from organizations don’t solve the problem due to that they requested the wrong type of training because of lack of interaction between the organization and the training service provider. This is where training managers see that the training the individuals received never solved a problem or increased competencies! In that phase service providers help into identifying the problem through specific series of questions and analysis.

    Second phase is conducting the training while continuously assessing A) The individuals attending the program, in terms of involvement, attendance & attitude. B) The instructor in terms of delivering the points identified in the training needs assessment.

    Third phase is a post training analysis, this is where the training department assess and monitors the performance of the individuals who attended the training to identify if there is still any performance gap.

    Global Experts establishes such process while partnering with organizations to achieve the highest quality of training. The purpose is to coach and direct training departments towards achieving maximum value from the service they receive. With that, organizations achieve successful, effective & efficient training that they need increasing their desired performance to meet the organizations goals.

    Public Corporate Training programs.

    Public corporate training programs are designed to serve your training needs if there are individuals in the organization that require a specific skill that would fill a gap in the performance required.

    Our public trainings are all held in five star hotels, they are short in duration & they add the maximum skill & value to the attendees. The instructors used in Global Experts are only instructors that are well known for their high standards & there ability to deliver the subject matter properly.

    Amongst the public training provided is the certified training programs, these are training programs that prepare you for an examination for a certified recognized international certificate. Such as NEBOSH, Certified Human Resource Manager, Project Manager professional & others.

    Consultancy Service

    Global Experts provides consultancy service in various segments such as management, HR, performance analysis, finance & many other segments. This service as well is divided into many phases that serve the purpose of achieving the maximum value for organizations. Worldwide consultants are in partnership with Global experts to serve different segments when in need.