Mission & Vision

Mission, Vision & Values

Globalization and communication has changed the business environment all over the world. To keep having a market advantage & to establish a firm ground strategic position that would keep Global Experts up front in the training industry we must look into the future and identify the market segments that have not been served. With a service dominant logic approach, we are willing to keep adding value to the service we are offering through co-creating & co-producing with our partners and clients.

Our Mission

Our journey starts with our mission: it clears our stand as why are we operating: and is the flash light of our actions and decision making in the company.
  • To help adding value to the educational and training industry.
  • To inspire individuals towards development.
  • To create value and make a difference in government & private sectors.

Our Vision

Our vision is what we need to accomplish to sustain quality growth:
  • Our Employees: For them to remain loyal highly motivated in a supportive professional organizational culture.
  • Instructors: Nurture a winning network of instructors that do add value to the training industry together we create mutual, enduring value.
  • Clients: For clients to be our partners by co-creating and co-producing the service they receive.
  • Profit: Steady profit that would serve our future expansion strategic plans.

Live Our Values

In a debate between profit / shareholder vs. Stakeholder vs. ethics & values. We chose to remain ethical and sustain and remain holding into our ethical values no matter how corrupt the environment around us can be.
  • Core value: Shape a better ethical future.

The Market

  • With the success of Service dominant logic in various industries, and we Global Experts being already service providers we focus on continuously identifying market segments that have not yet been identified to have the advantage of serving them. Being in the lead, although could be easily imitated still gives us the reputation advantage of being the first of serving different market segments.
  • Co-creating the service by partnering, listening and allowing different sectors individuals to feel free to criticize, guide and advice us regarding correct and future trends.
  • Be up to international training needs and international training market trends.